Dear Friends

I wonder if we can ask for some help? We are currently in the middle of having our website redesigned and would like to ask you if you have any thoughts on how we can improve our service. Is there anything we can do to make life easier for you and purchasing your bread at the bakery? We are very keen to enable our customers to pre order on line so the breads are ready for collection when you arrive. Is this something you would find helpful?

This week we have introduced a new Oaty Wholemeal loaf which the bakers have been working on for a while. It is made from 100% organic wholemeal flour which is stoneground using French Burr stones which means that all the goodness of the wheat grain is kept. The dough is hand moulded and shaped and finished with 100% natural oats which includes oat bran and oat germ. This will be made, at least to start with on Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays.

We have noticed that we are increasingly being asked for really healthy breads and in response to this have also recently introduced the Rye and Caraway bread which people find is very easy to digest and does not cause a bloated feeling which can be associated with factory made white bread.

Interestingly, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for most people with our white bread which you may know is made with Marriages strong organic flour. Our breads take at least three and a half hours to make and the dough is left to prove three times, we believe it is this amount of time which is needed to produce a really good bread that has a really good flavour, texture and crust. (The Chorleywood Method which is used by factory producers takes about an hour from start to finish. ) Our sourdoughs take at least 24 hours to produce a top quality bread, it is the time which helps the dough to develop and give the full flavour you would expect.

Another bread you may like to consider if you have not tried it already is our Spelt. It has a delicious nutty flavour. Made from an ancient wheat variety which is considered easy to digest and is full of vitamins and nutrients as well as plenty of dietary fibre.

For information our Six Seed Bread is 50% milled and whole seeds, 50% organic flour fresh yeast and water. As the seeds provide so much flavour we do not add any salt, fat or sugar. The seeds also help to keep the bread fresh for several days, you may interested to know that like our other breads it also freezes very well.

For those of you considering attending one of our Baking Master classes we do have a couple of places available on Monday 1st February due to a cancellation earlier today because one of our students has received a hospital appointment. If you are able to join us on Monday do telephone to book a place 01279 411774.

The first of our special afternoon teas is for Valentine’s Day on 14 February. Noel our Patisserie Chef has designed some very special patisserie for the occasion! We will be serving the Valentines Teas during the week beginning Tuesday 9 February, do call to make a reservation.

To remind our not so regular customers we are now open Tuesday to Saturday from 8.00am until 4pm and Sundays from 10.00am until 4pm. The Coffee Shop is open the same time as the bakery. If you would like any specific breads and would like to pre order you are most welcome to telephone and we will reserve your breads for you.


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