The man behind the bread

Nick Anderson has been baking bread for over 30 years. Originally learning his trade working in the family business, he later went off to college to train as a chef and baker. In the last ten years Nick has turned his focus to reviving traditional recipes, specialising in handmade artisan bread. He has also developed innovative new recipes using interesting ingredients such as seeds, organic beetroot powder and even jacket potatoes.


In 2005 Nick was invited to help develop a bakery at a watermill. After overseeing the project he decided to stay on and bake the bread too. This led to some television work and his contributions and photo has appeared in many food magazines in this country and as far afield as Japan! If you want to see him watch out for Britain’s Best Bakery, CBBC’s Green Balloon with Jelly or Countryfile with Selina Scott.


Experienced consulting

With thirty years experience running bakeries and catering businesses, Nick also acts as a consultant to related businesses. Helping to set up, project manage and increase retail sales and marketing. Nick can train bakers the basic skills or add speciality breads to their range.

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Nick Anderson is from a family with a very long history in baking, it’s in the blood as they say! His Grandfather Harry was a ships baker for the White Star Line.


Our history

Nick Anderson is from a family with a very long history in baking, it’s in the blood as they say! As a boy of about ten, during the school holidays Nick went with his father to the bakery early in the morning, that is when his first interest in the family business was sparked. Father, uncles, cousins, grandfather and great grandfather have all been bakers.

Tracing Nick’s family tree back to 1680 we found no less than 32 bakers, some bakery owners others journeymen working where needed at various different bakeries.

The family started off in Devonshire in the village of Dunchidicock – famous for treacle mines. By the early 1800’s some of the family started moving and eventually settled in North East London. We found the majority of the men in the family described as ‘bakers’ in the census, although there was also an accounts clerk and book keeper. Perhaps John Vooght 1839 – 1897 saw an advantage to having a couple of his sons looking after the business side of the bakery.


Anderson Vooght

The bakeries were called Vooght or Anderson Vooght until the first world war when sadly at least one of the shops was ransacked by locals who thought with a name like Vooght they must be descended from Germans so it was decided to drop the Vooght name and continue with Anderson.



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